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Philip Friedman Ph.D.
Dr. Philip Friedman is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, certified life coach and certified intuitive healer. He has been practicing psychotherapy and healing for 30 plus years in Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County, Pa., USA. He is also the Executive Director of the Foundation for Well-Being and the author of the book Creating Well Being: The Healing Path to Love, Peace, Self-Esteem and Happiness. He is the author of the Creating Well-Being Audio-Cassette Course and the Integrative Healing Manual: An Energy, Spiritual and Positive Psychology Approach in addition to the Friedman Assessment Scales on Well-Being, Beliefs, Quality of Life, Affect and Personal/Spiritual Growth.

Dr. Friedman has published over 30 articles in professional journals, magazines and books on topics such as assessment, cognitive-behavior therapy, marital, family, integrative and psycho-spiritual approaches to psychotherapy, healing and well-being. He is one of the founders of Integrative Psychotherapy and Integrative Healing that he first developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's. He has also written 2 book chapters for publication entitled: Integrative Energy and Spiritual Therapy and Integrative Healing: An Energy and Spiritual Approach.

Dr. Friedman received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1963 and his Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin in 1968 in clinical psychology. From 1968-1969 he was a NIMH postdoctoral fellow at Temple University Medcial School in the Dept. of Behaviorial Science studying behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy and multi-modal therapy. For many years Dr. Friedman was Director of Training in Marital and Family Therapy at Jefferson Medical School and Community Mental Health Center where he was also an Assistant Professor. For over 16 years he was an adjunct Assistant Professor at Hahnemahn University and Medical School in Philadelphia. In the 1980's Dr. Friedman founded and directed the Attitudinal Healing Center of the Delaware Valley. Dr. Friedman has been a frequent guest on radio and T.V.

Dr. Friedman founded the Energy and Spiritual Healing Network of the Delaware Valley in 1996; the International Energy, Spiritual and Power Therapy electronic network for mental health professionals in cyberspace in 1968, the Energy and Spiritual Therapy electronic network in cyberspace for Ph.D level psychologists in 2000 and the Energy Spiritual Healing electronic network in cyberspace in 2000 (open for everyone). He has been writing a regular email newsletter since 1999 that goes out to 6 continents on Integrative Energy and Spiritual Healing and Well-Being.

Dr. Friedman has over 500 hours of training in energy and spiritual healing and coaching in addition to his extensive training as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He is trained in Thought Field Therapy, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, Matrix, Thought Energy Synchronization, Neuro-Emotional Technique, One Brain, Holographic Repatterning, Pranic Healing, Esoteric Healing, Reiki Healing, A Course in Miracles, Siddha Yoga, Spiritual Life Coaching and Intuitive Diagnosis and Advanced Energy Healing. He is also a Reiki Master.

Dr. Friedman is listed in Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in the America, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and Who’s Who in Service to the World. He frequently conducts professional seminars and occasionally public ones on a variety of integrative, energy and spiritual healing, therapy, coaching and well-being techniques. His spiritual mission is to help people make the shift from darkness to light, fear to love and low self-worth to high self-worth and to help faciltate greater levels of peace, happiness, harmony, well-being and love on the planet.

(Summarized from 21 clients (1998-99)

Dr Friedman is a:
  1. Very good listener
  2. Calming, soothing, comforting
  3. Caring, compassionate, concerned, kind and loving
  4. Non-judgemental, accepting
  5. Very knowledgeable with a wide breadth of knowledge
  6. Very bright/intelligent with a high level of intellectual curiosity
  7. Very open to new ideas, techniques and methods (very inquisitive)
  8. Very good at analyizing and isolating problems
  9. Very good at finding solutions to problems (or helping them find techniques, tools,
16. methods and exercises to solve their problems)
10. Very good at giving advice and feedback.
11. Very good storyteller with stories that are instructive, helpful
12. Good sense of humor
13. Very positive attitude and outlook
14. Source of useful and helpful resources (books, tapes, etc.)
15. Inspirational teacher and uplifting
16. All of the following: confident, respectful, trustworthy, reliable, patient, observant, thorough,
16. strong, flexible, understanding, insightful, balanced, spiritual, tolerant, available, honest & forgivng.

(Summarized from 31 Colleagues (1998-99)

Dr. Friedman is a:
  1. Great/good organizer with excellent organizational skills
  2. Very good follow-through skills
  3. Vast general knowledge of things from different sources
  4. Innovative; excellent stimulator and catalyst
  5. Integrator/Synthesizer: ability to integrate/evaluate new experiences/material from
  5. different sources into a higher picture
  6. Gatherer-ability to reach out and bring/pull together things, people, ideas together.
  7. Manager/producer of events/impressario/core or center of the wheel of events/activities
  8. Very good listener: willing to listen.
  9. Empathetic, extremely understanding
10. Very energetic
11. Very good at working within the system
12. Entrepreneurial skills
13. Leader and writer
14. Great communicator/teacher

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