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INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY is a method and process that uses and integrates many of the best healing techniques in the field of psychotherapy and personal, energy and spiritual growth. It also uses an Integrative Meta-Model to guide the psychotherapist in the selection of key techniques, roles and metaphors.

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During an Integrative Psychotherapy session you, as a client, will experience:
  1. Being able to talk in a way that allows you to feel safe and to be able
  5. to be open about discussing your problems.
  2. Being able to talk about things in a way that allows you to be more
  5. aware of yourself and your problems.
  3. Being able to talk about your feelings about yourself and your problems.
  4. Being able to think and feel differently about yourself and be able to
  5. see things differently.
  5. Being able to increase your self-worth and self-esteem.
  6. Being able to talk about choices or options that can help you get free of your problems.
  7. Being able to talk about ways of replacing problem behaviors with more positive behaviors.
  8. Being able to learn how to assert yourself appropriately and effectively.
  9. Being able to learn how to forgive yourself and other people.
10. Being able to talk about ways to get reinforced for positive changes.
11. Being able to make changes in relationships that can help you overcome your problems.
12. Being able to talk about and initiate changes in your environment that will help you
  5. overcome your problems.

You will also be able to experience a thorough assessment process using, in addition to a comprehensive interview, the Friedman Well-Being, Quality of Life, Belief, Affect (Emotions) and Personal/Spiritual Growth Scales. The interview and the Friedman Scales will help you and me discover the conscious and sometimes subconscious causes of your problems. Together the interview and the scales will help you and me discover a number of powerful, potential solutions to your problems. These solutions will occur when you learn how to make significant “integrative shifts” in your attitudes, beliefs, feelings, perspectives, consciousness, goals, energy and behavior patterns.

In the process of making these frequency shifts or shifts in vibratory energy patterns you will also learn to make the 12 Happiness Choices instead of the 12 Unhappiness Choices. As a result of these “integrative shifts” you will find that your distress level will decrease substantially, and your happiness, peace of mind, joy, self-confidence, emotional stability, interpersonal relationships and overall well-being will improve significantly and often dramatically. The Friedman Scales will also help us both to track these positive changes over time.

Early in the process of Integrative Psychotherapy you will discover that there are basically 2 Paths you can travel in life: the path of happiness or the path of unhappiness; the path of love or the path of fear; the path of peace or the path of conflict. The Integrative Psychotherapy process will help you to make this significant frequency or vibrational shift by traveling across a healing bridge from one path to another.

Early in the Integrative Psychotherapy process we will select one or more of the many healing and psychotherapy techniques and tools that will help you release negative feelings, feel better about yourself and find specific solutions to your problems. Frequently, we will select one of the powerful Integrative Energy and Spiritual Psychotherapy techniques or tools. I will also help you connect with your inner intuitive voice of wisdom, compassion, resourcefulness and infinite intelligence.

Most clients go through a 7 Stage Healing Process:
1. Denying that there is a problem.
2. Contemplating the problem and what to do about it.
3. Preparing to take action regarding the problem.
4. Taking specific action to resolve the problem.
5. Resolving the problem by finding a creative solution to it.
6. Enhancing the solution to the problem.
7. Mastering the solution, leading to the disappearance of the problem.

I find that when it comes to difficulties and problems, a very helpful and useful attitude is that:

Inherent in every difficulty/problem is the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Find that seed and nurture it. I will help you find that seed and nurture it until it grows and blossoms, i.e., until you experience peace, joy, happiness, love, self-confidence, life satisfaction and mutually beneficial relationships. I will also help you clarify your goals and find your sense of purpose, direction and meaning in life.

The following graphs demonstrate typical changes that clients make over 13-14 weeks of Integrative Psychotherapy. This study was done from 1992-1996 with 60 clients who initially had very low well-being, life satisfaction, cognitive balance (positive minus negative beliefs) and affective balance (positive minus negative affects/feelings) and very high stress scores. The graphs show very substantial positive changes occurred during Integrative Psychotherapy in the mean scores on:

Life Satisfaction
Cognitive Balance
Affective Balance

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