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Summary Integrated Feedback from
3 Coaching Clients (after 3 Sessions Each)

Marie: Social Worker and Energy Healer (North Carolina)
George: Psychologist and Marital Therapist (New Jersey)
Gloria: Writer, Speaker, Educator (New York)

1. What did you find most interesting/enjoyable about the 3 coaching sessions?

a) I enjoyed your sense of humor and ability to look at the big picture.
b) I liked the affirmations and the tapping on positive things.
c) I’d like to say that I could really feel your genuine warmth and interest in what I was telling you as we spoke.
d) I liked the weekly form because it helped me touch base and self-focus where I’m at.
e) In just a few moments only you have been able to quickly and succinctly give me an answer that made me feel heard and gave me direction. You simply said it was about my grievances and lack of self-forgiveness. It just was what I was ready to hear----simply perfect! And the treatment you did still resonates with me days later.
f) After having 4 experiences with coaches, where you stand out, Phil, is in your responsiveness and positive, direct, caring attitude.
g) In our last session I also experienced your flexibility in using the phone session to best benefit me, the client, and calling upon your vast catalog of tools to move me through my issue...Our final session on Friday was remarkable. Receiving the energy treatment from you was a welcome surprise with miraculous aspects.

2. What did you find most beneficial/helpful about the coaching sessions?

a) Tapping and affirmations were very useful.
b) You helped me to put things into perspective and to take the situation I was in more lightly.
c) Having some one who understood my language and perspective was very helpful.
d) The insights and caring attitude I received during session 3 and learning more about your work, as an energy psychologist--- all the web pages on your site pales as compared to one brief telephone session with you.
e) You are interactive, and unafraid to give your opinion. (I worked with a coach for 6 months, who was a CSW, and she did little more than listen to me and parrot my actions back to me).

3. a) What positive strengths, abilities, talents, qualities resources did you observe/see/find in your coach during the coaching sessions?

a) you have a very systematic dedication, sense of purpose and commitment, a willingness to share and a desire to help.
b) you have a wealth of knowledge to draw from and many tools in your tool box.
c) you have a depth and breadth of experience both as a psychologist and as an energy facilitator.
d) you were able to sort through my stuff and mirror things back in a way that helped me find clarity.
e) your responsiveness, direct matter of fact attitude of looking at the essence of something and positively guiding me was very helpful.
f) I liked your service so much that I asked you to come here and teach a class for therapists!

3 b) What positive strengths, abilities, talents, qualities resources did you observe/see/find in yourself during the coaching sessions?

a) I remembered that I am competent, funny, angelic and capable.
b) I recognized my openness to discovery, confidence and readiness to share.
c) I realized that I am capable of coaching myself to do the work I am guided to do (but I need help with unblocking my energy and stuckness that is stopping me from following through with what in my heart I want to do)

4. What were the major experiences you cleared/healed/resolved, enhanced; etc..information/resources you learned; attitudes you shifted and/or positive actions you took during or after the coaching sessions.

a) I was able to take a bigger view of the situation and see some humor
b) I was able to take things more lightly, which for me is a good thing.
c) I was able to shift my attitude towards my work place and make a major change in my workplace situation.
d) I was able to find more balance.
e) After session 3, I have a clearer mental presence that tells me when I am thinking grievance, attack thoughts and so now I’m in a position of awareness to ask for replacement thoughts. (“forgiveness”)
f) I’ve created more of a sense of distance between me and my mind so that I can witness when I’m chewing over and over on an attack thought. (“witnessing”)
g) I would highly recommend you, Phil, as a coach. You don't have to suffer!!!!
h) Phil, my gratitude and thanks to you! It was unexpectedly more than a pleasure working with you.

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